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Tools I've Used And Liked for Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Speeding Up Wordpress

Welcome to my toolkit!

These are the tools I use on a regular basis for my websites. I’ve tried hundreds so this is my list of those I find truly useful.

Yes, there are plenty others out there – but I’ve not listed them. A lot of these tools are free, some are free with an upgrade and others are paid. Where possible – I have included a free version as an alternative as I used mostly free when I started out.

Where paid, I’ve included a link. Some of these are an affiliate link, some I’ve just linked straight through. Just being honest here, I like to make sure my sites fund themselves – what I’ve not done is added a list full of affiliate links or those that give a bigger commission. If it’s good, if I use it, if it’s worked for me – it’s on this list.

Some of these tools involve web browser plugins. I use all of these on Google Chrome. I’ve no idea if they work on other Browsers, but if in doubt – stick to Chrome.

This page is likely to change over time as I refine my tactics, so check back!

Affiliate WordPress Themes

REHub – I use this for a lot of my sites because it’s my perfect WordPress Affiliate theme. It’s filled with features and updates often. I tend to use the Rewise child theme that comes with it.

Keyword Research and Ranking

Free Tools

Paid Tools


WordPress Tools


The mother of all SEO tools, the free version is essential. but there is a paid version for added functionality.


If your spelling is a little off at times, install the handy Grammarly plugin on your browser.

Web Hosting

Web hosts go through phases of being good and not so good. I’ve tried a number of them in the past and had mixed results. I now just use one:


Link Building

The Hoth



Written by Felix Keegan

Felix Keegan

After decades of being involved with, founding and running various startups, I've decided to create this website to write about my adventures with entrepreneurial side-projects. Lover of AI, travel and Bombay Aloo.

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