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How You Spend Your Life

I’ve wanted to start this website for years.

I’ve spent over 20 years working.

I’ve had jobs, I’ve started companies, I’ve been involved in startups. It was a lot of work, long hours, years of commitment. I’ve had a lot of success and several disasters.

Some people thrive on this, but in the end – I found it always came back to the same; work drama, client stress, burnout, frustrating employees, the dreaded commute, the cancelled leave, the life.

About four years ago, I made the decision to start trying side projects. Spare Time Startups, I called them.

Spare Time Startups are projects or businesses that you work on in your spare time. If you have a full-time job – this would be in the evenings, or on the tube to work, or weekends or whenever you can find the time.

You may have other commitments, the principal is also the same.

The idea is not to create a side business which just takes up all of your time and becomes another full-time job.

I don’t have any inspirational quotes. Just get on with it and stop procrastinating.

The Twenty Four Hour Wallet

There are a ton of books and that talk about the trading of time for money. This is nothing new. But it’s handy to mentalize how you currently live your life. Yes, it may seem obvious – but have you ever broken it down into basic numbers?

Imagine you wake up every day with a magic wallet. At the stroke of midnight are twenty-four fresh, crisp time tokens. These make up your day.

It’s 7am – so seven of those tokens are gone already. Not much you can do about that.

You now have seventeen tokens. What will you spend them on?

Here’s a rough approximation of the answer most people will give:

TimeActivityCost (Hours)
12am-7amSleep7 Hrs
7am-8amMorning Rituals (eat etc)1 Hr
8am-9amCommute1 Hr
9am-12pmJob3 Hrs
12pm-1pmLunch Break1 Hr
1pm-5pmJob4 Hrs
5pm-6pmCommute1 Hr
6pm-7pmDinner Time1 Hr
7pm-8pmHome Activities (chores, family etc)1 Hr
8pm-11pmTelevision Or Equivalent3 Hrs
11pm-12amSleep1 Hr

Okay, in reality, I’m being generous. An hour for lunch? I wish. Swap that with “grab a sandwich for your desk” and change an hour to 15 minutes. Out the door at 5 pm? You’re one of the lucky ones – a lot of professionals work longer and outside of their mandated hours.

In the UK, the average number of working hours for full-time professionals is now 42 per week. In the USA that number is 47 hours. That’s a lot of tokens spent.

About This Site

I’m not interested in doing “teaching methods” or courses. There are a ton of people out there who will do that in exchange for a monthly or one-time fee. Some are successful, others are only successful from the fees they make from teaching, some are just sharks.

There’s no monetisation on this site other than a few affiliate links now and again. Keep your money, invest it well. There’s no point in giving me your cash to tell you something you could learn anyway with a bit of research and reading.

As I mentioned, there are affiliate links in parts of the site. You don’t have to use them and I won’t cry if you don’t. I will mention a lot of companies, tools, systems. Generally, if I haven’t linked to them – it means I’ve tried them but found they didn’t work for me. But anything I do mention – I’ve used myself.

Some of the projects on this site have failed miserably. That’s the point, there’s no magic system. Where possible I have documented what works and what doesn’t.

Written by Felix Keegan

Felix Keegan

After decades of being involved with, founding and running various startups, I've decided to create this website to write about my adventures with entrepreneurial side-projects. Lover of AI, travel and Bombay Aloo.

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