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Longtail Keyword Research For Adults

(Naughty Adults, We Mean)

EDITORS NOTE: This article isn’t for everyone.

A friend recently contacted me on LinkedIn to say he and his wife have started a new business selling adult toys.

This struck me as a jump from his previous profession of IT support – but it’s the sort of pivot I love in entrepreneurs.

Now before you conclude I was being contacted as a wise adult toy guru (to my annoyance, I wasn’t), the request was rather more complex. They needed a better website (“speak to this guy” – tick) and they wanted to rank on Google.

I was about to send them my usual spiel on longtail keyword tools when I read the next line.

“No-one searches for adult content on Google, apparently”


Longtail Keyword Research For Adult Websites

I knew (through a friend… honest) Google restricts auto-complete terms when the search is adult in nature.

Surely my friend was doing something wrong. There’s no way the tools out there do the same. Do they? After all – the adult affiliate market is huge.

A quick hop onto keyword shitter (combined with Keywords Everywhere) with a top-level¬†keyword produced…


Adult Website Affiliate Site

Nothing. I got the ranking for that specific keyword but not the hundreds of wonderful alternatives.

That’s okay – let’s go to paid. My trusty Keyword Keg account.


Adult Website Affiliate Site - keyword

Right – time for the big guns. Lets try Moz.


Adult Website Affiliate Site - Keyword Overview

Better. But wait – where’s the keyword data? It seems Moz provides some alternative suggestions but no actual data. This suggests either there is none (unlikely) or it’s having the same issue with Google data that I started with.

Let’s try SEMRush. SEMRush collects its own data for its results so I’m hopeful.


Adult Website Affiliate Site - SEMrush


Because SEMrush holds its own data it provided the information needed. So when doing longtail keyword research for adult websites, don’t give up at the first hurdle.

Now, where did I put the batteries?


Written by Felix Keegan

Felix Keegan

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