About Spare Time Startup

Who I Am and Why I Built This Blog

I was once taught a “life lesson” by an influential writer I randomly met. Once a year, pick two things you want to do. This could be to start a business, learn a foreign language, break a world record.

Then flip a coin. Whichever outcome fate decides, do that – and become the best at it.

I’ve lived by that rule for many years now and it has served me well.

Spare Time Startup is the fruits of one of those coin tosses.

This isn’t a paysite, this isn’t a training course, I’m not selling my expertise or the hottest new technique.

The site maps out my journey through making a living from the normal 9-5 to profitable side businesses. A lot of these will focus on things such as affiliate marketing, but there will be other surprises as time goes by.